Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love to do good things

I just saw an advice in a book about wisdoms of mothers of famous people. One passage title is "do not force children to do things they dislike." I didn't read the main passage, but I guess most likely it explains the cons of forcing children to do things. I would like to cast it slightly differently ... .

First of all, what are those things that adults would want to force children to do? I bet many of these are "right" things to do. However, such right things may not be likable by children. Thus, the likelihood of adults forcing them to do it. So, the above wisdom seems to suggest "relax, don't force, and lets nature takes its course."

Nevertheless, I agree that we should not "force," regardless how rightful the thing we want children to do. However, the essence is to educate and guide children to like doing right things. In this sense, forcing is not tackling the liking to do the right things, but just the external outcome of children doing it.

I should have mentioned this before, I hate to see parents "forcing" children to greet other adults when meeting other adults. This is the time to observe whether children are doing it, deducing how much they like to do it, but not the time to "educate" or force them to do it. With the observation, at later time when circumstances are suitable, then we make efforts to explain/guide/educate them to like to do it. Observe again next time round, and keep educating.

Of course, if the things we want the children do aren't that "right," e.g. playing piano, then the more we shouldn't force them.

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