Thursday, January 8, 2009

The best tool

Many are arguing that sexual abstinence is not the best tool for prevention, especially for those potentially at risk, who are already sexual active. Indeed, it is not the best tool for this purpose. A better tool might be to ... chop/seal off these people sexual organs, for this purpose. Thus, using condoms and practicing safeR (i.e. NOT safe and still risky) sex is also not the best tool.

I suppose either the purpose cannot be so narrow, or there are other considerations. The concern is the spread of STDs, especially HIV/AIDS, by and to everyone. Those who are already sexually active are the minority. Sexual abstinence may not be the best tool for this group of people, and neither is safeR sex, but it is a better tool for the majority not sexually active people. Whereas safeR sex is irrelevant to these people.

Other considerations might include the social aspects. Many studies have shown evidence of the importance of children growing up in a healthy family, which minimal requirement is to have faithful husband and wife. Here, sexual abstinence is supportive of this, while safeR sex outrightly disregards this.


test said...

Some good points. Maybe the first step for those sexually active is,

'What is the benefits for being less sexual active? and why?'

Western culture has propagate sexual activity as being healthy for as long as I can remember.

The fact: there is no record in history of anyone die because of no sex.

I also notice our gahmen has recently loosen their stance of early sex among the 'young'. Is this a cry to our decreasing population? I wonder...

Just my opinion.

Back2Nature said...

In recent years I watched a few old movies, or movies about the west in the old days around or before the 70's. I was quite surprise to their intolerance. The latest one is "North Country". I also better understand why they have been pushing so hard for freedom and against discrimination.

I feel they have been over cautious about mind controlling stuffs, and words like "abstinence" remind them of that, worsen by the word "only" following it.

In this respect, we should be thankful of MM Lee. The situation would be, and will be much worse without him.

Anonymous said...
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