Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can help spreading these trivial knowledge?

I believe in reading the manuals before using an equipment so we can use it properly. However, manuals for many public devices seem unavailable. While most people can use them properly without reading any manuals since their design and the way to use it should be straight forward. Still, there are people who just couldn't figure it out.

Just two examples here but I hope to add to it when more come to mind.
  • Lift button ... .

    In the old days, there is only one button outside the lift. Thus, you just need to press it. Since decades ago, newer lifts would have two buttons, one for up and one for down. Thus, the question: Do we press the "up" button to ask the lift to come up, or do we press the "up" button to tell the lift that we want to go up?

    Those who don't think that the lift is so smart to know what to do by telling them where we want to go would think the former. Also, since later we still need to tell the lift which floor we want to go, it seems to be the former.

    No! We press "up" to tell the lift that we want to go up so that if the lift is on the way down, it would avoid wasting time and energy to stop to take us down and then up later.

  • Traffic light.

    At many traffic light pedestrian crossing facilities, there is a button. Many people ignore it because there is no immediate effect, or the effect is unfelt, or in some places it is spoilt. Yes, on busy streets during peak hours, you will still need to wait after pressing. Also, some time without you pressing, the green man still lights up for crossing probably because someone else at another corner has pressed it or it is be default pressed during those time.

    However, I am quite confident that in Singapore, most are working and you should to press if you want to cross the road legally. Thus, if nobody press, the red man will remain.

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