Thursday, January 8, 2009

My cycling in Singapore experiences - very inexperienced

The first fall listed in the post about my falls while riding on road happened in Changi Village, back in 1990.

I wasn't riding on the road regularly yet. It was just months after getting my driving license but yet to have any chance to drive a car. Thus, my experience regarding traffic and handling of bicycle is quite poor.

At quite a fast speed on a racer, I made a ... last minute decision to turn into the carpark along Telok Paku Road. Then, I noticed a Mercedes on the exit lane near the entrance. I was trying my best to avoid collision, while not willing to brake abruptly. However, I failed. My bike hit the wheel of the car. I was not hurt. However, the cover of the wheel was knocked out. Luckily, the driver spared me from paying for the damages.

That is it for the accident. Below is about the trip, which was my first "long distance" cycling trip from Toa Payoh to Changi Village. I did it without a map. I just go eastward, and followed the MRT.

Somewhere along the way, I heard what sounded like an air rifle firing. Soon, I realized a nail punctured my rear tube. Standing at the road side, not knowing where am I, and of course not knowing where is the nearest bike shop, soon I thought of a good way to find out the answer. Asked cyclists. Within minutes, I stopped the first cyclist passing by for direction to the nearest bike shop.

Next, while following the MRT till after Tanah Merah, when the MRT track turns north but there wasn't a nearby junction for me to turn. A little panic, but eventually managed to make a turn and arrived in Tampines. From there, I found the way to Loyang Avenue, and made my way to Changi Village.

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