Monday, January 12, 2009

What is screen + connectivity?

I don't want a TV at home. My desktop computer serves not only as its obvious role as my computer, it also serves as my TV, radio, CD/DVD player, and a kind of digital photo "frame". It is easy to configure the screen saver to randomly display photos in your hard disk. However, the booting up of computer system is much slower than most of these devices, and to use a computer for any one or two of the purposes above is overkill. I have my computer on almost 24/7 but this is not environment friendly. Especially unsuitable for the purpose of being a Digital Photo Frame, as I believe ... the display unit is still one of the high power-consuming devices.

I have noticed digital photo frames used in shops to display their products. I believe the benefit of a digital photo frame is quite obvious. I think CEIVA's products are not just digital photo frames, but with its PicturePlan®, it can do more than what normally we think photo frames do.

It can be your photo frame, but need not be showing only your photos because you can allow friends to send you their photos by email directly into your photo frame. This is a multiple input model.

Similarly, you can give your very good friends personal photo frame and send your newly taken photos into these photo frames. This is a multiple output model.

Combining the two we will have multiple input and output model.

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