Friday, January 16, 2009

My cycling in Singapore experiences - more rides, better rides

The study by researchers at the University of New South Wales mentioned in the report, Bike Accidents Decline As Ridership Rises found that the number of collisions decreases as the number of bicycles in traffic increases.

I think it is true. I have not been riding longer distances for some time. Yesterday, I rode from Toa Payoh to BioPolis in the morning and return in the evening. At 6+ p.m., traffic was heavy along Buona Vista, Holland Road and initial portion of Farrer Road. I find the drivers are quite ... friendly to me.

In one particular case, I was riding next to the rear wheels of a car that is moving slowly. I was wondering why it is moving slowly until I noticed a petrol kiosk ahead and its left signal lights were blinking. I think he was waiting for me to pass before making reaching the entrance of the kiosk so that a potential left hook can be avoided.

On the other hand, may be more rides alone is insufficient to improve the situation. Back in Toa Payoh, the situation is not as good. I think probably the type of cyclists are different. I saw a researcher leaving on his bicycle from BioPolis with a helmet on. The cyclists around that area are probably more serious and follow traffic rules. Whereas in HDB town area, most cyclists are not serious and ignore traffic rules.

I wonder, if wearing a helmet can induce some respects and lead to better behaviors and attitude from drivers towards cyclists, then it is worth wearing a helmet. Otherwise, if wearing a helmet give you the [false] sense of safety, then you have an illusion.

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