Thursday, January 8, 2009

My cycling in Singapore experiences - ensure safety

Yesterday, as usual, I slowed down to near halt before a zebra crossing, waiting for the approaching vehicle, which had slowed down, to stop. However, the driver, somehow thought that I was ... stopping to let him go first, and drove pass in front of me. He got a fierce stare by me.

Few days ago, I read in a blog someone complaining that a car emergent brake beside him/her only 2 m after riding across the pedestrian crossing on green, and the driver explained that he didn't see him/her. My question to this cyclist, "did you notice the car approaching?"

The rules and right of ways in traffic are guidelines for us to follow, but these in no way serve as protective mechanisms. This applies to all road users.

On a zebra crossing doesn't mean that you are safe. The green man appear doesn't mean that it is safe to cross. The green light appear doesn't mean that cars are safe to move on. etc. These only mean that one is legally right to move, but is it safe or not, PLEASE ASSESS THE SITUATION FIRST!

Ensuring one's and others' safety is each and everyone's responsibility.

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