Monday, June 9, 2008

Additional notes about cycling

This post is my comments to the post by YongWei. ... (The numbers correspond to those in his post.)

2. After two experiences of brake cable snapping off, I understand it is VERY dangerous to ride down bridges on slope.

6. I learned my lesson in trying not to fall, and eventually fell uglily. The lesson helps me a lot during my worst fall when once my fork broke apart.. I rolled 2-3 times, stood up regain breathing only after 10 over seconds of jumping. Luckily, I was on a park connector. The old man who install a new fork for my bike told my brother (I was too injured to retrieve my bicycle) that in his decades of dealing with bicycle, he never saw the way my fork broke apart.

7. I have only been chased by fierce dogs once when I rode down along Woodlands Road toward Customs close to midnight. I guessed the dogs were shocked by the sudden detection of a fast moving intruder. I pity the one that managed to catch up to me and "attacked" my rear wheel.

12. I suspect that cats do not run away from danger when panic. So far, two cats dashed to their safety in the direction that they need to go underneath my bike, and created a spike on my heart rate.

18. Once I brake hard on a downward slope along Irrawaddy Road when a blur lady driver made a right turn out from Novena Square carelessly. Next I realized my tyre punchured. Now I know why.

20. Yes, yes, yes! Even as a pedestrian, I will intentionally delay any cyclist who ring the bell behind me on a pedestrian path.

27. Cycling is usually faster than bus on downtown roads. If I choose to overtake, I make sure I can maintain in front of them. Otherwise, I'd relax and let them pass me way ahead. Every overtaking, either way, is a risky situation.

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