Monday, June 2, 2008

No one wants my bike

The bike that is still with me today, thankfully, has been my main transportation tool since Mar 1996. Nevertheless, I have lost a few bikes, and some parts of this bike during these years. Some reasons I guess for this long partnership are: ...

1. My and/or its luck.
2. My bike had been heavily improvised, although not necessarily useful improvisions.
3. My bike is made ugly intentionally. Just found 8 ways to ugly your bike.
4. I avoid parking in places meant for bicycle parking, which I consider them as "shopping areas" for bicycle theives.
5. I choose to park it at open space where it is visible from some people gathering places in close vicinity. If I were a thief, I would presume that it belongs to someone among those people.
6. Regular usage. Don't park outdoor untouched for more than 2 days, especially during school holidays.

I have mainly used a simple coiled cable lock, which I enjoy its conveniency. To me, no lock can withstand those steel rod cutters that construction workers have easy assess to, I supposed.

Update: After another five years since this post, it is now ok for me to put up a pic of this bicycle in its recent appearance.


XYZ said...


Thanks for commenting and sharing your link. A picture of how undesirable your bike is would be a great example of how you 'improvised' your bike. 14 years with your bike is seriously long, especially when you use only ONE cable lock. It's a feat!

Back2Nature said...

Come to think of it, I don't think I have any photos of my bicycle :P I also prefer not to do in case it attracts too much attention to my bike and myself in person. Also, I have hoped that it be stolen for years so that I have good reason to get a better one. Anyway, I tried to describe it here:

Back2Nature said...

@El Wey, finally five years later, I decided a picture of the bike can be put up. :)

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