Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cheap and good printer ink

I once had a Lexmark printer, but it has malfunctioned a year ago. It was probably due to power supply fault or due to under utilization, as I seldom need to print at home. I also seldom print at home because the ink is expensive, and refilling is not a task I enjoy doing.

I believe there are people like me who don't own an ink-based printer because ink is costly. Most of us probably know there are cheap ink around, but still worry about using them after reading the advises from the printer manufacturer. Another problem I once faced is in looking for compatible cheap ink, when the packaging is not clear whether the ink supports my printer. If so, you might like to check out Pacific-ink-logo. I like their pledge ... , where the bottom line is:
"If for any reason our printer cartridges do not perform to your complete satisfaction contact us by phone and we will immediately work with you to remedy the situation."
They offer printer ink for many different brands. Three of them are Canon ink cartridges, Epson ink cartridges and Dell printer cartridges.

A good feature of the site is it allows us to find ink by printer model number or by ink cartridge number. This makes life easy since there are so many different brands and models out there. Although it is called "Pacific Ink", I later realizes they also carries toner cartridges for laser printers. That's good news for me as I may be considering color laser printers if I were to buy my next printer.

Shipping cost has been a concern for me when doing online shopping. Here, shipping can be FREE when you become a member of the Pacific Ink Cartridge Club!

Lastly, a small note about an error on the site: The "Find Your Ink" search on the homepage isn't working (I am using Firefox) although it works on vendor's subpages. I would expect it to be rectified very soon.

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