Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ways to get in and out of Toa Payoh by bicycle

Is there anyone interested to know? I hope so.

Update: I am putting these information in with titles starting with "Toa Payoh bicycle port".

1. Northward
a) exit by Lorong 6 to Bradell road. Note: it is illegal and very dangerous to cycle up the fly over at Lorong 6.
b) entrance/exit from/to Bradell Road by a small flight of stairs off Toa Payoh North trespassing a JTC compound, besides a petrol kiost and the T-junction at Bishan road.
c) entrance/exit from/to Bishan Park/Bradell Road by overhead bridge (with small shoulder beside stairs allowing pushing of bicycle) to cross Bradell Road at north end of jogging/cycling path along Kallang River.

Possible routes after exiting: Lornie road, Upper Thomson Road, Marymount Road, Bishan Road, path along Bishan Park, Lorong chuan.

2. Southward
a) entrance/exit from/to Jalan Bahagia/Kim Keat Road by overhead bridge (with slope) besides block 195.
b) entrance/exit from/to Jalan Dusun/Ah Hood Road/Jalan Rajah by overhead bridges behind Block 161, Toa Payoh Garden/Swimming pool/end of Kim Keat Link besides PIE. Note: the last bridge is complicated and tiring to use.

Possible routes after exiting: Whitley Road, Thomson Road, Balestier Road, Rangoon Road (paths beneath CTE and an underpass), St. Michael Road (underpass to cross CTE).

3. Eastward
a) entrance/exit by path besides heavy vehicle carpark opposite Block 225 from/to park connector along Kallang River and on to Potong Pasir Avenue 1.
b) entrance/exit by overhead bridge (with slope) after Toa Payoh East and end of carpark to cross the CTE from/to Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Note: it is illegal to exit by Kim Keat Link or busstop near block 195 to PIE sincce it is illegal to cycle on expressway.

Possible routes after exiting: Upper Serangoon Road, Wan Tho Avenue, Macpherson Road.

4. Westward
a) exit by Toa Payoh Rise to Thomson Road. Note 1: strictly speaking, entrance by this way is illegal as Toa Payoh Rise is a one way westward (but legally no-through for cars to exit Toa Payoh). Note 2: Currently there is construction of Circle line going on there.
b) entrance/exit from/to Thomson Road by walking path at the southwest corner of carpark next to block 173/4 off Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. Note: strictly speaking, cycling on walking path is still not legal.

Possible routes after exiting: Lornie Road, Thomson Road.


Unknown said...


I'm doing an article for The Straits Times on how increasing fuel prices have affected people's mode of transport. Would you happen to know anybody who decided to switch from driving to cycling to work in order to save on fuel prices?

Please contact me at

Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply.


Carmen Wang
The Sunday Times
Singapore Press Holdings
1000 Toa Payoh North
Singapore 318994

Back2Nature said...


Sorry, I don't have anyone in mind. I know from some blogs that there are people who ride to work, but I am not sure if they were driving, or if the reason is to save on fuel prices.

For me, the reason for me to ride to work and everywhere is the years of suffering from the inconvenience of the bus interchange system implemented since around early 80's, especially after I became not eligible to use a student bus-pass.

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