Monday, June 9, 2008

Cycling again

My recent interest into cycling related blogs re-ignite my itch to cycle more. I didn't stop cycling, but has greatly reduced my mileage since the ride to my work place is short as it is just a MRT station away. However, I've made two trips to town in recent weeks. Some encounters and observations ... :

1) I was almost doored (just learned about such a word) for the very first time in my cycling history when the passenger open the door and intend to alight a lorry stopped before a traffic light along Jalan Besar before Allenby Road. Luckily I was alert, my brakes worked enough to prevent any strong impact, and that passenger hear my yell and noticed me. Although I scolded the passenger fiercely and he was apologetic, it seems that I have scolded the wrong person. Is the driver responsible for such illegal acts of allowing passenger to alight dangerously? Furthermore, later the driver didn't signal left while turning into Allenby Road in a manner that expected me to give way to him while I needed to travel straight.

2) A car stopped and I was asked how to go to the Singapore Flyer along Middle Road. If I have been riding around recently I would have know how to, but sorry I couldn't help them much. Just told them to go straight all the way and turn right.

3) I notice there are more people riding on the road nowadays.

4) I saw many people employed by the telcos promoting to the Indians along Race Course Road on Sunday afternoon. They were wearing signboards and giving brocheurs, with Tamil words, but most of them are not Indians.

5) After passing through the underpass below CTE from St. Michael Road, I saw a group of people playing Cricket, presumably from morning till evening, on the open grass patch on my right.

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