Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How's your Diabetes IQ?

How much do you know about Diabetes? I don't know much. I got only 5 out of 10 correct in the Diabetes Quiz at found at - Managing Diabetes. One particular thing I learned is that none of these are off limits to Diabetes patients ... : coffee, alcohol and fruit juice. Nevertheless, these are still not advisable to be consumed abundantly.

Indeed, another thing I learned is that obesity is the main reason for developing Type II Diabetes. At least, I am correct that downing sugary snacks, desserts, and candies do not cause Type II Diabetes directly. Thus, the definition of the disease, and the Chinese name of the disease seem misleading, and over emphasizes on sugar, while the reason that causes this abnormally high level of sugar should receive more concern.

Nevertheless, diet for Diabetes is becoming an industry as I can find shelves of food items suitable for Diabetes. Here, also have a Diabetes-Friendly Foods section that has a regularly updated list of latest Diabetes recipes.

Just like to add a final note about sugar. This seemingly natural ingredient that is extracted from plants such as Saccharum officinarum or Sugar Cane, as it is commonly known probably after the discovery of extracting sugar from it, about just a few centuries ago, isn't that natural for people lived before its discovery.

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