Friday, August 17, 2007

"Anti-choice".. what's that?

In an article, abstinence lifestyle promoters is also equivalently called anti-choice activists.

If to practice abstinence is a conscious effort, how can it be considered not a choice? Since it is a choice to practice abstinence, to describe these people as "anti-choice" is wrong.

On the other hand, I guess many who oppose the promotion of abstinence feel uneasy to force people to force themselves not to just simply follow their sexual desires, and argue that such against natural desire attempts could be harmful. I think "just simply follow their sexual desires" doesn't sound like making a choice. Furthermore, it is more like admitting that there is no choice but just have to follow. So, who are the anti-choice activists?

Importantly, abstinence lifestyle doesn't mean you continue to watch spicy shows, visit sexy places, etc. but just need to control the final acts. Abstinence lifestyle is about making many choices on what to watch, where to go, etc. so that it won't lead to scenario where any effort is needed to control because the aim is to avoid arousing such "natural desire" at the wrong time.

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