Friday, August 10, 2007

The rights to choose

Personally, I am not familiar with the concept of holiday season. Still, for many people, the headaches that come with the coming holiday season is near. I didn't have much experiences in the joy of receiving gifts, less that of giving gifts. However, that little experiences is enough to know the trouble of choosing the right gift. On one hand, the most convenient way is just to send cash, but this is very lacking of sincerity. On the other hand, to buy the actual gift itself include the risk that your selection does not match the preference of the receiver.

Thus, I think vouchers and coupons provide the conveniency, but still allow the giver to show the efforts of selecting the appropriate type/brand/range of gifts for the receiver. At the same time, the receiver has the rights to choose the design/specifications that is preferred.

With online stores, it is more convenient and environmental friendly to give vouchers and coupons. E.g. getting coupons may suggest some kind of efforts to help in the lessening the problem of throwing away good and new products. Instead of sticking to a certain brand, you can also give a coupons of certain type of product, e.g. choose from many wireless products by getting net10wireless coupons.

So, its about time to choose your own promo codes!

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