Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Being selfish seems more acceptable

After the report of 1 HIV positive in 350 who don't know their HIV status came up, there were some ideas being raised.
One group called for compulsory HIV test. Some say this is tricky as individual rights might be harmed. Then, some suggested selective categories of people go for compulsory HIV test. Some say this is discrimination. Another technically very similar idea is being seriously considered, all patients at hospitals go for opt-out HIV test. Yet, this idea receive little objections.
I think this idea is put in a very smart way. First, although it is targeted at all patients, it is not compulsory. Second, although it is for certain category of people, it is not discriminating. Third, the main reason brought forward seems not to "catch" HIV positive people and to help them get treated, which may upset some who don't want to know, or don't want to get treated. Forth, the main reason seems to say, it is for a selfish kia-si purpose to have better protection for all the health care workers, with an expected appreciation by the public because of the SARs encounter just a few years back.
I guess, by suggesting that it is the rights of health care workers to have better level of protection, it is reasonable to request HIV test be done on all patients. Nowadays, when homosexuals talk about their rights to choose and others don't have right to tell them what to do, the majority one man one woman husband/wife family oriented people have to learn to be more "selfish" and argue about their rights being invaded by homosexuals asking to be treated as normal people.

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