Friday, August 10, 2007

My first PayPerPost for the PayPerPost!

The other day I just announced my blog being qualified for posting blog advertising entries under the PayPerPost. This is my first try on it! What I love best is the newness of it, being founded on June 30, 2006 (according to wikipedia entry), and I came to know about it while casually surfing some random blogs. On my first visit to its website, I sensed its simplicity and felt it should work, and immediately I signed up. Sadly, my blog was not qualified because it has not been active as it had just been revived at that time. This rather encourages me as it shows seriousness of them to have a working and meaningful system, by selectively including suitable blogs.

I think this is a win-win arrangement. Through it, I can get ideas to write on, besides the opportunity to earn some extra money, I believe it will also indirectly promote my blog.

By the way, it is simple too, which this posting will prove as it will be a one-go no editing submission.

I am looking forward to putting my out-of-box thoughts/views/reviews on products and services! I was raised up believing that all ads are lies to ask people to buy their products, but now I am going to advertise for others because in payperpost, true and neutral views and opinions are being sorted for!

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