Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy National Day

The radio DJs are asking audiences to call in to state why they love Singapore.
Many good reasons. Efficient, convenient, people are honest, government has integrity, etc.
All these to those who have not experienced other environments might not be obvious.

I observed that my wife would naturally sit down at the bus stop, while I'm too lazy to sit down just to stand up again in a couple of minutes. She has been used to wait for 0.5 to more than 1 hour for bus in her home nation.

My brother thinks that those long queues of people are happily waiting in the immigration and other government institution for various reasons. In their nation, just by queuing up usually do not get things done.

However, we have to learn how to love this nation without the need to compare, because, we also need to love our spouse without much comparison. Love is an initiative action/decision. It should not be a passive reaction triggered by our "feelings".

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