Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How far is the nearest beach from you?

My wife loves to go to the beach. She is from PJ, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That makes me realize how fortunate Singaporeans are. The disadvantage of being so small an island nation has one of its advantages being that beaches are just a very short trip away -- a rarely mentioned feature of Singapore. Although sea views from beaches here are not so great since we are surrounded by lands of neighbouring countries, and many vessels (thanks to our very busy ports), it is much better when compared to KL, or those cities that are far away from beaches.

I don't tour a lot, but I still can recall the great feelings when I was at one of the small beach in Sydney. Looking out into the ocean with no visible lands, or vessels!

For those in UK who need to fly elsewhere to enjoy an exotic beach holidays, may I introduce to you Dialaflight. On top of the standard features such as cheap flights and holiday offers, it features a list of holiday ideas and one of them is beach holidays.

There are 33 destinations for beach resort holidays listed. None of them I've been to. I want to go to Penang for the beach and the yummy food, which, I heard, is very cheap by Singapore standard. Phuket is a destination that I offered a free trip I won to my friend because I didn't have buddy to go with then. Now it is in my list of destinations to bring my family to :)

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