Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Higher and higher

Is higher and higher good? It depends on whether a high value of the measurement is good. For example, salary is good, but blood pressure is not.

How about age? That depends on the context. Usually, we wish people long life, but there are jokes where wishing a 120 year-old person longer life might not be a good wish. That is an extreme. In general, when life expectancy gets higher, it has been deemed good, until recently more attentions are paid on the quality of life rather than just on the age.

Some controversial issues are:
Is it better to sustain the biological life of a person who is in coma with very little chance? Is it better to ask a considerably very old and unhealthy person to go for long term "treatments", that sustain instead of treat the health problem? etc.

What about extending the retirement age from 62 to 65? I would say to work 3 more years just because the need to survive is very sad. However, to be encouraged to contribute 3 more years is very nice. I think the former is a very sad situation. It reflects that either the person has failed in life economically, or the economical environment of the society has failed when the majority is the former.

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