Saturday, December 29, 2007

Compete vs Complete

Tonight I heard a speech on two perspectives: scarcity and abundance. The formal is like a zero sum game where for one to win someone else must loose because resources are seen as scarce. The latter consider resources as virtually infinite, and complement each other to yield as much as possible from the abundance pool of resources.

This relates to what I just read in the afternoon, in the book "The World Is Flat" describing how the Netscape browser pushed for open standards in the Internet world as a major factor that brought about the current tremendous connectivity through the Internet. In pre-Internet era, network software companies perceive a scarce pool of customers and therefore "disallowed" their customers to use other companies' software to communicate with theirs. With open standards, these companies now seek to complete each others by producing software products that provide services that could be still lacking in others, and because of this, the once perceived to be a scarce pool of customers expanded into an abundance pool.

Smorty is the second hub I just subscribed to that connects advertisers to me so that I get paid to blog1. I think this company has an perspective of abundance from this statement found in its FAQ:
"Smorty does not limit the way in which you get paid for blogging, we only add to it."

Smorty sponsored this post.

1 As a side note, I read in some places skeptics accused bloggers' souls were on sale when this idea started. I hope mine isn't :) I don't sell much. I just post my comments, with sponsorship.

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