Monday, December 31, 2007

Is it Karma?

I think Karma is real, but how to identify it?

I wasn't happy when I went out two days ago and these things happen:
1) It was raining heavily, so I brought umbrella, which is something I don't like to bring and use.
2) By the time the bus arrive, the rain has stopped, which means I could have ride my bicycle instead as I don't like to take feder bus.
3) For some good reason I guess, the driver is driving in a supper slow manner, while I had a tight schedule.
4) Good to have some stranger approach me with a "Happy New Year," but sorry to the person, I wasn't in good mood and was rushing off.
5) Went to an ATM machine, punched in all the necessary, and only to read on the screen "This machine cannot dispense cash now."

Thus, I forced myself out of the bad mood and the rest of the day was nice :)

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