Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One for all and All for One

Is vaccine for you? Actually, most people had it without saying yes, or even ever had had this question in their head. However, in this era, what's the chance that you will be infected if you were not vaccinated? The chance could be very low for certain infections that certain vaccines are designed for. So, should someone then say, "It isn't for me."

Some years back I heard a discussion regarding should individual choice or rights be ignored for the sake of welfare of the population, and make it compulsory for all to be vaccinated?

In 18 Dec 07 TodayOnline's article: a 56 year-old man said: "It's not for me … It's good for single, young men only. Elder and married men like me who have only one partner are more decent and safe." If a person is safe, there isn't any big different to go for the test, other than the extra few dollars to pay. If only "more" decent and safe, i.e. not 100% safe, isn't it good to be tested? And, even if you have only one partner, not questioning faithfulness, but you can't know for sure if your partner is also decent and safe.

Also, another 54 year-old man said: "Testing isn't for me — the more you know, the more problems there will be." This is similar to choosing not to be vaccinated because somebody would rather die if infected. However, this is not about a single person's life, but about avoiding potential epidemic of infectious diseases that can cause much much more lives.

So, one test for the benefits of all, and all live properly for the benefit of One Human Race.

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