Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Big Fat Moonie Wedding

Did you arrive here while searching for the above "documentary"? If so, then you must watch this too.

The director is a child of one of those marriages.
The media industry seems to be going from reporting facts to selling whatever can sell.

I watched a few episodes of a documentary about "UFO" that tries to fairly present arguments from both sides, at least I feel so. Thus, I do feel unfulfilled after watching as it always ends without making a stand. This might affect its sales as people from either side will not fully endorse it.

Anyway, a 1L glass containing 500ml of water can be perceived as half full or half empty. Interviewing less than 10 failures out of 2000 over marriages should suggest high success rate. Otherwise, there wouldn't be more of such event, with growing numbers, including many of their children.

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Unknown said...

Just an interesting fact that I thought you'd like to know about those marriages as well: In 1997 a survey was conducted to see how many of those marriages from the Madison Square Garden mass-wedding were still together. Of those polled, 87% had reached their 15th anniversary. Divorce Magazine states that generally, only 52% make it to theirs.

Back2Nature said...

Thanks Nancy for the information. Yes, these are two sites that mentioned the survey:
At least, this survey looks fair and scientific, and the fact that the conducting person is a member is also stated clearly.

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