Monday, December 17, 2007

The World is Flat

What a coincidence! I just started reading an E-book "The World is Flat" that talks about globalizations 1.0, 2.0 and now, 3.0. It was talking about how the Internet has virtually allowed anything digitizable to be processed anywhere in the world. I guess natural face to face communication is very much a digitizable event.

Here, I bump into LifeSize. It provides an affordable high definition (HD not only for TV shows) video communications solution that uses advanced technology to deliver a true and natural telepresence experience. LifeSize uses existing broadband connection avoid high cost of special infrastructure setup.

For further featured products such as the LifeSize Room, allow up to six participants to connect in high definition please visit their Video Conference Equipment site.

It says "Do more. Travel less. Be present." I say, "Do more. Travel less for work but more for play. Be present." Reminds me of my dream of living in the wild nature but still able to providing services to anywhere in the world. It is realizing now, with communications already here. Remote power supply is still an issue, but the alternative of self-generating power is feasible for small equipments that require little power such as smart phone and PDA.

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