Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Middle management

It is difficult to be in a middle managment position. Yet, virtually nobody is not in this position.

On one hand, you may be trying to "take care" of your subordinates. On the other hand, it usually backfires and all suffers.

Once during my army time, trying to act smart, I told the guys a book-out time based on my own estimation, so that they may get ready in advance. However, only minutes later an instructor gave further tasks for us. Arrrgh..I felt like everyone wanna humtam me.

However, we still should have initiative and anticipate to be better prepared for upcoming events or goals. The important thing is that these should be done centered on the higher goal. Rather than focusing on making my guys "happy" by naively hoping for good news, I should have asked the instructors for further instructions earlier. Probably, we will have the instructions earlier, complete them earlier, and therefore able to book out earlier. Thus, everyone is happy.

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