Saturday, December 8, 2007

Get ready for exam

Education encompasses knowledge, teaching, learning, remembering, application, etc.

Is something missing?

Oh yes, exams and tests! However, these are not necessary in education although evaluations to feedback errors and weak areas for further strengthening are necessary.

Ironically, exams and tests are the two most talk about than all the other areas.

These two are there to serve the industry. In many industries such as real estates, insurance and finance, for the sake of the general public consumers, there are many qualifying exams to certified agents in these industries to be qualified to provide professional services.

Take for example, dealing with mortgages, there is the Mortgage Test. In this link, you can find resources to prepare yourself for the test. Resources include CompuCram® Exam Prep Software that guarantee to help you pass your mortgage exams the first time. It contains huge database of exam styled questions by industry experts to train you as much as you choose to.

In my days, sometimes we paired up with classmates to test each other while preparing for tests and exams. With CompuCram® Exam Prep Software, you can do that repeatedly without bothering someone else.

This reminds me of the similar kind of software that my middle school English teacher developed to teach English Grammar. Thinking of it now, it was very amazing as that era was before MS Windows, with many fruits-branded (including Apple of course) computers, while he wrote it on his Sinclair Z80 (if I remember correctly) using the BASIC computer programming language.

That program was effective. Surely, the CompuCram® Exam Prep Software would be much better!

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