Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Giving hope

Wonder when the concept of borrowing and lending started. People have been helping relatives and friends naturally all along. "Help" might be either 100%, i.e. w/o expectation of returning, or 0%, i.e. the concept of lending with expectation of exact returns, or still 0%, although it seems like <0%, i.e. lending with interests.

Nevertheless, I feel that when someone is willing to lend, he is willing to give you your hopes. However, one needs to establish necessary credibility to be given hopes.

Usually, the lenders are clear of their risks and are professionals. Rarely this is the case for consumer borrowers, while businessmen are clear of their profits when borrowing. In this modern age, it is wise to learn more about loans, the different types such as Unsecured Personal Loans, Payday Loans and many others you can find in these links. They also have some general articles.

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